Picking up an idea about a YouTube video is always a bit overwhelming for a beginner. There are tons of concepts floating around for YouTube video ideas. However, it’s tough to select the suitable one based on proper research. 

For a YouTuber you need to,

This article will guide you through the basic info you’ll need to determine ‘the one’ idea for your YouTube channel. 

Introductory Videos

The potentiality in this category is vast. For example, About To Eat made a video on ‘Day In The Life of A Michelin Star Chef.’

Credit: About To Eat

Let’s see some subcategories of introductory videos.  

Your Introduction 

One idea is to make yourself known to your viewers. You can also create an overall sense of what your viewers can expect from your channel. Adjust your introduction depending on the audience you’re targeting. 

Here’s an example of an introduction video from Shreyashi Biswas. 

Introduce The Place You Belong 

You can introduce your workplace and the people involving it in a video. The surrounding will help the viewers get a better idea about your life. 

People Around You

Introduce other people on your channel. This includes anyone from your work peers to your best friend. The more you let the viewers into your life, the more they’ll feel connected to you. 

Try Vlogging

Vlogging is becoming more popular than ever. You can vlog about anything you feel passionate about. Here’s a vlog about travelling you can check. 

Explain Things 

People love learning about things they don’t understand. Explainer videos can contain anything. For example, you can make videos by explaining movies. 

You can also explain the function of a particular app, software, or device. If you want an example, here’s a video explaining RFOX Ecosystem

Capture A Tour 

You may have seen popular YouTubers giving a tour of their apartment or a place they love. If you’re out of ideas, try making a touring video. 

Sonam Kapoor did a tour of her apartment that you can watch to get an idea about creating successful vlogs. Click here to watch it. 

Facts About You 

Another amazing video idea for a YouTube channel is to let your viewers know facts about you. Again, it’s a great way to let them in on your life and connect more with them. 

Behind The Videos

You can introduce videos about what happens behind the camera while making YouTube videos. Give them a sneak peek to intrigue their curiosity about upcoming videos.

Day To Day Life

Making a video about what you do all day long can be enjoyable for the viewers. As long as you’re filming it right, it’s an amazing idea for a YouTube video. 

Introduce Your Phone 

Letting people see what’s on your phone is also a great idea to keep their attention on the screen. Here’s Shraddha Kappor sharing what’s on her phone. 

Tech Videos

Many people go crazy over videos related to technology. Here’s how a great tech video looks like. 

If you’re passionate about tech-related content, try the following YouTube video ideas for your channel. 

Try A New Gadget

Make a video when you get a new gadget. Use it while filming to create a live experience for the viewers.

Unbox A Device 

Making unboxing videos is always exhilarating. Don’t waste the opportunity if you’ve got a new device. Make a video of unboxing it and react accordingly. You can watch Laura Lee do a PR unboxing video here

Devices You Already Use

Showing off the thing you’re using to make the videos is an excellent idea. This includes your camera, microphone, etc. 

Hot Topics

Talk about trending issues people like to know about. Bitcoins, cryptocurrency, NFT, etc., are burning issues right now. Click here to watch a video about NFTs. 

Response To An Issue 

 You can respond about any tech issues your viewers may benefit from. In addition, response to a viewer’s concern to connect with them more.

Search Through History 

All devices have a root. Go to the root and present the history of a device. Show people how an electronic device rose through evolution. 

Introduce A New Software 

Not everyone knows about all the cool apps and software. Introduce a software you use and walk them through the pros and cons. This video introduces ten useful software and apps you can use on windows.  

Discuss New Releases 

Whenever a new part, device, gadget, or version releases, introduce it to your viewers. Enlighten them with upcoming possibilities too. 

Be Opinionated 

Share your opinion about a tech-related subject. Response, react and reply to tending tech issues. 

Repair Something 

Repair a device or a broken part to keep your viewers entertained. They can learn the process to use it on their devices too. 

All About Gaming 

If you’re a passionate gamer, there are some awesome ideas for you too. You can watch this video from MrBeast to get an idea about gaming videos. 

Let’s take a look at some more ideas. 

Show Off Your Skills

Make a video of you playing a popular game. It’s a great idea for all game lovers to feel connected to each other. 


Collaborate with other YouTube gamers to play together and make a video for the viewer. Click here to watch multiple YouTubers collab to play a game. 

Introduce A Game 

If you feel like a game is underrated, make sure to create a video to introduce it to your viewers. 

Review A Game 

Choose a hyped game to express your thoughts about the game. Talk details and explain things to the viewers. 

Showcase Your Creation

If you’ve created a modified version of a game or app, show it to the viewers. Talk about how long it took to make that app. Add some extra info to spice it up. 

Share Your Achievements

If you’ve reached an unexpected height in a game, share it with your viewers. It can be anything from unlocking a new chapter to finishing the last one. 

Make Walkthrough Videos

Help gamers stuck on specific levels. Make walkthrough videos to help them go through the level. Watch a walkthrough video here

Make A Reaction Video 

React to other gamers’ gameplay. Make comments and give your opinion about the game. 

Tutorial For A Better Gaming Experience

Teach your viewers about optimized settings to experience better gameplay. 

Review Gaming Devices

It doesn’t matter if it’s a computer, play station, or an emulator. Make sure to create a thorough review to help the viewers. 

Educational Videos

Educational videos have lots of potentials if you know the right way. For instance, Blippi makes educational videos for kids. Click here to see an educational video.

Credit: Blippi – Educational Videos for Kids

Here are some more examples of educational videos. 


If you’re doing something that takes a fair amount of time, try timelapse. For example, it’s a popular thing to do when you’re drawing a sketch. 

Rise Awareness 

It’s never enough to talk about climate change, environmental issues, and pollution issues. Educate your viewers about important issues.

Help Job Seekers With Tips

Make a tutorial about how one can excel at an interview. Here’s how you can make a video on interview tips. 

Assemble Something

You can always teach people how to assemble a piece of furniture or anything that requires assembly. 

DIY Videos 

Pick a topic and show your viewers how to do it yourself. It can be anything like origami, home decoration, or gifts. 

Fun Facts 

Share facts about a topic relevant to your YouTube Channel. If you want an example, here’s a video on fun facts that did well on YouTube.  

Explain A Scientific Issue

Talk about the big bang, Newtonian Law, or how photosynthesis work. There are multiple areas you can explore with science. 

Time Management 

Make a video about how someone can manage their time better to be more effective. 

A Tool’s Function

Elaborate on how a tool works. Make sure to cover all insides and outsides of that tool. 

 Video Editing 

Show off your video editing skills by teaching the viewers how you edit your videos.  

Best Of

It’s almost impossible not to come across a ‘best of’ video when browsing YouTube. So, if you’re thinking about enriching your YouTube channel, try this category. Guinness World Records posted a video on Best Of 2020 if you want to watch it. 

Top Ten In Sports 

Talk about any sports you’re passionate about. Make a list of the ten best players or games in your channel. 

Top Movies 

Rate movies according to your preference. You can also use rating to make that list. WatchMojo created a list of the top ten movies of 2021. Click here to watch it. 

Best Albums 

Pick a year and make a list of the best albums released that year. 

Top Trending Games 

Make a video about the most trending videos. Express your opinion about it. 

TV Series

Just like movies, talk about top trending series viewers can watch. Categorize them to facilitate the info. Watch a list of the top ten tv series of 2021 here

Best Books 

Create top lists on different genres. Help people choose what to read next. 

Best Baby Videos

Make a compilation of funny baby videos to keep your viewers happy. 

Best Performance

Take clips from reality shows to create a list of top performances. 

Best Of An Artist 

Choose your preferred artist and make a list of their best activities on your channel. 

 Best Brands 

Recommend top brands to your viewers. Keep the category relevant to your channel’s content. Watch Aye Jude talk about the top brands here

Food Videos

The number of food lovers is increasing by the day. Videos relating to food are getting popular for the same reason. If you want to get an idea about creating a catchy video, check this one from 5-minutes crafts. 

Credit: 5-Minute Crafts Recycle

Try the following videos to keep the audience hooked on your channel. 

Food Vlog 

Explore new areas and restaurants to try new food items. Don’t forget to have it on tape for your viewers. Watch how you can make an entertaining food blog video here

Fridge Tour 

Tell your audience about what’s inside your fridge. Food-lovers are always curious about that. 

Cook A Dish 

Prepare your favorite dish on camera and share it with your viewers. Here’s a famous chef cooking simple and quick recipes. 

Cook With Friends

Involve your friends to make a cooking video more interesting.

Make A Movie Dish 

Sometimes movies can make a dish famous. Recreate your favorite dish from a movie. 

Eating Challenge 

Make a video of you finishing a dish within a limited duration. 

Eating Competition

Involve your friends and organize an eating competition. 

Food Review 

Review unique foods to enlighten your viewers. 

Cake Décor 

Bake a beautiful cake and decorate it to satisfy the viewers. To watch an example of cake décor videos, click here

Food Comparison

Compare a cheap food with an expensive one and give your insights. 

Health And Lifestyle

If you feel passionate about health and lifestyle, there are some unique YouTube video ideas for you. Click here to watch Chels Rocca talk about health and fitness. 

Let’s see what you’ve got. 

Improve Mental Wellness

Encourage people to take care of their mental health. Talk about underrated mental health issues for your viewers. Look at a mental wellness tips video here

Yoga Tips 

If you’re a yoga enthusiast, give your viewers some secret tips to make yoga more effective for them. 

Lose Weight 

A tutorial on losing weight is always effective for retaining your viewers. Share your secrets about losing weight. 

Stretch Properly

Enlighten the viewers about what they’re doing wrong about stretching. 

Introduce Your Home Workout 

Tell people what you do at home without the gym equipment to stay fit. If you want an example, click here

Motivate Them 

Pick a health issue and motivate your viewers about it. 


Make a Q&A video based on health-related issues. Try responding to the viewer’s questions. You’ll find a fitness Q&A video here

Response Video 

Keep an eye out for the viewer’s request. If you have any suggestions from them, make a video about their demand. 

Healthy Food 

Talk about what’s healthy and what’s not. 

 Share A Healthy Routine

Tell your viewers your perfect routine to stay fit. 

Beauty And Fashion

Do you consider yourself a beauty and fashion enthusiast? Get innovative. You can check Bailey Sarian’s video on YouTube. She mixes up makeup with crime stories to keep her audience hooked.  

Check the following video ideas out. 

Makeup Tutorial 

You can always get innovative by mixing something with a makeup tutorial.

Trendy Dress Ideas

Share your outfit ideas with your viewers. 

Buying Experience 

Share with your viewers an item you recently bought. You can also do an unboxing video regarding fashion items. 

Review An Item 

Talk about fashion accessories, dresses, or shoes. You can check a lip balm review here

Do A Haircut 

Make a tutorial video of cutting hair. Do it on yourself, or use a dummy. 

Introduce Your Favorite Products 

Let people know what you use in your day-to-day life. This can include anything from lipstick to shoes. 

Mistakes To Avoid

Tell your viewers what to avoid when it comes to fashion. 


Create or modify your clothes and accessories. 5-minutes crafts has some brilliant DIY cloth hacks here if you want to watch.  

Closet Tour 

Give your viewers a tour of your closet. 

Your Travel Bag 

Let your viewers know what you must have with you when you travel. 


Are you a bit opinionated about everything? Why not do review videos? Marques Brownlee reviews Galaxy S21 on this video. And it’s a really great review video you can learn from. 

Movie Review 

Review a movie you recently watched. Watch Bear Grills reviewing survival movie videos here

Book Review

Review all books you read. 

Food Review 

Share your experience with a specific food. 

Review An Electronic Device

There are so many options you can choose from. Review your laptop, mobile, camera, microphone, or earphones. 

Review A Brand 

Share what you think of a particular brand. Tell your personal experience with that brand. For example, Hyram ranks different skincare brands in this video

Review A Place 

Many people are curious about tourist spots they can’t visit. Try making a review video of that place if you’ve visited. 

Review An Online-Bought Product 

Online shopping is getting crazy these days. Every one wants reviews of online-bought products. 

Review Accessories

Compare or analyze any accessories you buy, including watches, shoes, etc. 

Review A Transport 

Share with your viewers about your experience riding a particular transport. 

 Review An Experience 

Whenever you experience something exciting, don’t forget to share it with your viewers. 


This category comes with a lot of versatility. For example, a Taylor Swift Playlist from deluxe music became desirable to any viewers. If you feel connected to the music more than others, here are some ideas for you below. 

Top 10 Song Of The Year

Create a list of the top 10 trending videos of the year. 

Best Of A Singer 

Select your favorite singer and create a video of their best songs. 


Share your favorite songs with your viewers. 

Cover A Song 

If you’re confident about your singing, why not post it on YouTube? Watch Vidya Vox cover a song here

Explain A Song 

If you come across an unusual song, explain it to your audience. 


Make a rap video for the viewers. 

Tips And Trick 

Tell your viewers how they can improve their singing voice. 


Teach how to play a new instrument. Watch a guitar tutorial for beginners here to get an idea about the category. 

Create A Mashup

Mix your favorite music and create your own mashup. 

 Make A Duet 

Involve your friends and make a duet song with them.

Some Other YouTube Video Ideas

Cultural Videos

Myth Busting Videos

Fun Videos 

Collection Videos

Your Favorites

TikTok Compilation

How To Make A Successful YouTube Video 

Users have a short attention span. You want to make sure not to make the video boring. Create an interesting tone and avoid unnecessary information. 

Don’t mix things up. Stick to one niche. No one wants to see baby videos on a tech-related YouTube channel.

Be confident when you’re on the camera. Don’t provide misleading or ambiguous information to your viewers. 

Don’t act hostile towards your competitors. Always stay positive with your perspective. 

Last but not least, success doesn’t come easy. So, be patient before your YouTube video ideas reach a new height. 

Where To Get Information For YouTube Videos?

The internet is, of course, the primary source for gathering information. However, you need to remember that not everything found on the internet is correct. 

Whatever source you’re using, ensure that the data is authentic. Search the topic thoroughly before making a video. Utilize search engines and social media platforms to make sure what you know is right. 

How To Make YouTube Videos From TikTok?

One innovative idea for uploading on your YouTube channel is to make a compilation of TikTok videos. There is some software you can use to do it. 

Download the TikTok videos you wish to combine. Then, use an app or software to combine those videos and edit as necessary. 

Once you’re done editing, you can upload the video on YouTube like any other video. 

Final Verdict 

There are a huge collection of YouTube video ideas if you’re interested in starting a channel. When launching a YouTube channel, make sure you’re not trying to perfect everything. Be natural and start easy. 

You’ll notice yourself get better with time. Hope you find this article helpful. Good luck with your YouTube career.