Wondering how to open a youtube channel of your own? What are the basic things you need to learn about? We are just here to help you to learn about everything you need to know to start a youtube channel of your own with a proper name.

Today YouTube is a revolutionary platform with an audience of billions of users including educators and scholars. To be a contributor to this revolution, the very first step you can take is opening a YouTube channel of your own with a proper name and start making content that will affect millions of lives. So, here we are to help you to make it as your profession. 

How to open a YouTube channel using your google account

Opening a YouTube channel is easy. You can create your YouTube channel on your phone also. 

  • Go to youtube.com, At the top right of youtube there is a sign-in button, Click on it. Then Login using your Google Account you want to be linked with.
  • In the right corner of the screen at the top, there is a profile icon. Click on it and then click “Create a channel.”  
  • There will be a pop-up screen start by clicking “get started”. Then you will get options such as “use your name” or “use a custom name”. For a personal channel with your name selectuse your name”, for small business & brand selectuse a custom name”.
  • Give your channel name. There you are all ready to start your journey as a YouTuber.

Now you can make further customization to make your channel in your own test. There are uploading profile icon/picture, adding description, adding links to your sites etc.

How to open a YouTube channel if you don’t already have a Google account

If you do not have a google account, make one before you get started on YouTube. 

  • On the top bar of Youtube click “sign-in”.
  • Choose the option saying “create account” 
  • There will be options  “For myself” or “To manage myself”. Pick yours.
  • Give first and last name with email and password, confirm password. And, you have your google account.

What to name

Naming your channel properly is the foremost thing to represent your brand accurately. Your Channel Name appears on your videos, your channel page, and in YouTube’s search results. People will define and understand what your channel is about. So, it can get confusing to name something that resembles the content you will present. You can reduce the confusion using the tips & tricks.

Things to follow for naming your channel

You can name your channel name as your first and last name if you want to be the face and brand of your channel. Naming a channel with your first and last name is the simplest & most straightforward approach. But if you think it is not a good fit for you then you can name it after the topic you are going to represent. Narrow the channel name that people want to gravitate towards and they want to follow you for.

  • Your channel name must express your subject. Anyone after seeing your channel name should immediately get the idea of what kind of videos you publish. Think of an artistic way you can call attention to your channel topic without leading to a flat, generic-sounding Channel Name.
  • To stand-out from the crowd and other channels, your channel name should be unique. It is best if you search for your latent name on youtube and google to see if there is any existing channel or brand that sounds similar. Avoid being similar to existing ones. Naming your channel an epic name will help you to cling in people’s minds.
  • Research about other existing channel names that rank high or you follow. What makes them into that position, what attracts people or you to watch their content. Follow their formula and pattern.
  • Your channel name should be simple, clear, and easy to pronounce. It should convey the message of what kind of videos you put out. It is better if you use word phrases rather than one complicated word. Do not use a number or symbol, it will make your channel name harder to search.

Starting with what device you have

If you wanna start youtubing there is nothing that can be a limitation without your imagination. So start straight away with what you have. It can be an average smartphone that can film and record, just start shooting. It is not how much money or asset you are costing, it is the content/things that you bring on the table.

If you want to add some gear to shoot more perfectly and professionally, you might want to have a tripod, a case to hold your phone, a microphone, and a light. They will help you film from different angles, mouth other pieces on, and lighten up the subject in dark scenes. Gear does not matter what matters is creating content that connects with the people on the other side of the camera.

YouTube Channel Icon

A Channel icon is something that will represent your channel and work as your signature image or logo. Which will appear in many places – on your channel page, when you comment, YouTube search results, and on video watch pages. Your Channel Icon appears in more places on YouTube than any other element of your channel. Your icon is a tool that allows your channel and content to be identified, typically your icon is your logo so make it high quality and unique but do not overthink it.

How to upload channel Icon

  • Click on your profile picture .
  • Click “Your Channel”.
  • Tap customize channel. Branding. Profile picture.
  • You can take a photo or choose a photo to upload.
  • Click Save.

Channel Art / YouTube Banner

A Channel Art or channel header image is also known as YouTube banner, is a significant way to attract your audience’s attention. It’s that big banner that goes across the top of the YouTube channel page. The main objective of channel art is to visually communicate the channel’s personality and brand to the target audience. A well-planned YouTube channel art design offers a window into what viewers can expect from your channel, tells your visitors what content they can expect on the channel, and moreover what kind of brand you are. To convey your brand message succinctly a fascinating design with detailing is all you need. When designing your banner try to maintain bellowed things.

  • Pick a Youtube layout that fits your vision.
  • Keep it simple, include your brand tagline.
  • For using a picture in your banner, make sure it is high quality.
  • Use a font that resembles your channel mood.
  • Include a call-to-action. 
  • Be mindful of design trends while customizing your own.
  • Banner background image should reflect your channel theme.
  • Position your channel title in the corner.
  • To give your banner design depth use drop shadows.
  • Use standard optimal image size. YouTube recommends 2560 x 1440 pixel  single images for uploading.
  • Text & logos should be within the safe area. Which is 1546 x 423 pixel space at the center of the YouTube banner / channel art.
  • Give a subtle border around your banner.
  • Use a big, easy to read font.
  • Include a brief channel summary.

Note : Your channel images can only be edited with a computer, not a mobile device.

How to upload YouTube Banner

  • Sign-in to YouTube
  • Click “Your Channel
  • Click customize channel. Branding. Profile picture.
  • Click on Upload and select image from your device. 
  • Click the Adjust the Crop button.

Channel description

A channel description works as a brief outline of what type of content your channel publishes, also known as YouTube about page. It is a way for visitors to understand & learn more about what type of videos they are gonna get from your channel.

A well-written description has the power to convert visitors into subscribers. Using keywords in your channel description can help you on your channel’s YouTube SEO, which will make your channel to be well-optimized too rank. The first 100-150 characters are the most crucial part to grab people’s attention because it shows in the search very next to your channel.

How to upload your channel description

  • Sign in to YouTube
  • From the left-hand menu, select Customize channel. Basic info.
  • Enter your new channel description.
  • Click Publish.

Channel trailer

A trailer is something people will watch whenever they land on your channel home, you are gonna use it again and again. Trailer has the power to make or break your channel. So, make your channel trailer captivating to stick out from the crowd. It will represent the core concept of your channel & what value you are adding to the society.

  • Try to keep it under 15 seconds and punchy. 
  • Keep it relevant to your brand and reflection of your content.
  • Use music, short scenes, bright colors, animation, and unexpected pattern interrupts to get viewers to sit up and pay attention to your video.
  • Explain what they will get.

How to upload channel trailer

  • Log in to your YouTube account.
  • Click “Your Channel
  • Click customize channel. Layout. Click on the “ADD” channel trailer.
  • Click the Adjust the Crop button

Thanks for reading. We have discussed the tips & tricks to start your journey as a youtuber. We are overwhelmed to be a tiny part of your learning about how to start a YouTube channel. It has been great fun. We hope that you found what you are looking for. If you start a YouTube channel of your own or have one up and running, share with us we would be delighted to hear and learn from your experience.