Getting subscribers on youtube works as a great hack to grow your YouTube channel fast. People now prefer content with visualization more.
If your question is like – how would you make a lot of subscribers on your channel then the solution is just a couple of words – original, interesting, and quality content. There is no other way to get real subscribers who will stick to your channel and watch your content regularly. Although there are also a lot of things that influence people to consume your content, quality content is core.

Why you need subscriber for your channel

Subscribers are the people that choose to receive updates from your YouTube channel. Subscribers are the driving force of a channel. Whenever you upload a new video people who subscribed to your channel get notified. Compared to non-subscribers, subscribers are more likely to watch your channel’s new videos. In other words, they are the heart of a channel to function.

Subscription in a channel is fairly simple and can be done by simply pressing the subscribe button on your YouTube screen. The same simple is to unsubscribe from a certain channel and that is why the world of 18 YouTubers evolves around the followers. 

If you have a group of engaged subscribers, they can increase your Watch Time and turn up your content, which gets your videos in the forefront of more people.

Ways to get free subscribers

If you are a beginner just starting your career as a YouTuber, you need subscribers to grow your channel. To make your channel sustainable the more subscribers you get the more you will be risk-free to fall behind. The easiest and best practice for converting viewers into subscribers, you can follow the mentioning tips and tricks given below.

Optimize channel branding properly

Channel art works as a welcome token for everyone who visits your channel. It can be they watched a video and want to watch more, they can be a potential subscriber. So, make your channel art something that entices people to press that subscribe button.

Your banner should be clean, compelling with a call-to-action and it should be optimized for all devices. You do not want it to cover up important details with social media buttons.

Channel icon is your logo on youtube. It appears everywhere on your channel pages and the comments section when you comment. Channel description is the text that appears on the about page of your YouTube channel. If you are a beginner then also read How to open a YouTube channel?

Custom URL is customizing the default URL into your content topic. To change it into a custom URL you need to reach 100 subscribers first. After that, you can go on YouTube Studio then change it by choosing the customization option.

Entice audience with thumbnail 

Thumbnail lets viewers see a quick snapshot of the video content inside. After the title, a video thumbnail is a next thing that prompts people to click on your video. To convert a viewer into a subscriber you should analyze your channel and watch your video pages. What does a new viewer see? Is it a professional well-organized video or the random one with low quality? Definitely the first one.

Keyword research

Understanding what people are already searching for on YouTube and the keywords related to your topic will help you title your new video, video description, or make a hashtag for that. Doing keyword research can help you avoid videos with titles no one can find. Or making videos that no one is searching for. It also helps you avoid making content that is already highly competitive in the beginner stage. Look for trends that might help you make future content. 

You can get back the old videos of your channel, make changes and add new keywords and hashtags. It will increase the rank which will make it discoverable.

Ask your viewers to subscribe 

Asking your viewer to subscribe to your channel is the easiest way to get subscribers. Sometimes your audiences just need to be reminded. Tell them what to do, how to do it, and also why to do it give them a compelling Call-to-Action. The big red button is all present, but you might also want to mention the bell beside it that turns on notifications for your new videos. Easy-peasy.

It may sound too salesy but this is a reminder for them that this channel has valuable content. By reminding them you are making it easy for them to keep up with.

While doing that remember to signify why your channel is worth subscribing to. Try to do that when they are positive about you the most. The best time is right after you give them fresh-useful information or make them laugh. Do not overdo it, keep it concise.

While ending your video mention the next work

What is subscribing actually? Viewers who just see what your channel is about. After seeing they are consenting to want more if you have done your job right. 

Publicizing your next video and making it precise why they should not miss out is the most organic way to encourage them to tap that subscribe button.

And definitely, it requires having a good hold on your content routine or schedule and knowing the upcoming things.

Engage with your audience and interact

If you want to engage with your audience the best way is to form a relationship with them. The more you interact with them, the more likely they will watch your videos and share them with their loved ones. 

Try to respond to their comments and follow their channel back. It is thrilling if a famous YouTuber comments on your video. Also, who knows who will be renowned next year.  Form a community of peers, collaborate, and promote each other. 

Embed or linking videos on website or blog

Embedding video means pulling or borrowing video content from its original platform. It allows people to watch videos on websites or blogs without leaving the platform. The embedding or linking videos on your website or blog to help sites search ranks on google ranking.

Make a playlist of videos

In order to increase your channel’s watch time playlist can be a great way to do that. The playlist is like a series, YouTube autoplays a group of videos in series order. It enables viewers to just sit back and watch without clicking the next one, content keeps coming.

A playlist is like an ongoing series. If the viewers like it then they would want more and they would subscribe for more. The playlist appears on the playlist tab on your channel.

Showcase your content 

In YouTube Studio from the layout tab, you can add up to 12 sections to your channel homepage. It works as the best place to showcase your best content out there. The new viewers can see your best creation and decide whether to subscribe or not.

You can also make sections to showcase your playlists to various tastes and viewers try to highlight them according to the type.

Maintain consistency when releasing the video

The main reason people subscribe to a channel is they want to see more new content from this channel. As a creator your job is to deliver consistent, quality content that engages existing subscribers and commits to the newcomers. 

Cross-promote your channel

From other social media channels entice your audience. Cross-promote your channel on Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest – make community and encourage people to check out your content. Use your channel link on your social media bio also.

A teaser or trailer also can be a good way to draw people’s attention. Try to do it regularly it will make people anticipate your content and they are more likely to subscribe to your channel.

Apps to promote your channel

There are so many apps also available that help YouTubers promote their channel. By arranging subscription campaigns, you can get subscribers for your videos from all around the world. There are so many apps available on the store like – Sub4Sub. These apps can help you to get enormous traffic and real subscribers on your channel. You can use an application like this from the store as per your wish.

Collaborate with other YouTubers

Collaborating with other channels will help you to reach a number of new audiences. Explore YouTube for channels that are under your niche if you find a good one try to reach them. Your user trusts your recommendation. The same goes for those channels also. This collaboration can increase your audience reach potentially. 

How to see your channel subscribers

From your channel dashboard, you can easily check your list of subscribers. For that go to your channel dashboard then scroll down to the Recent Subscribers plate. Click SEE ALL. In the top-right pop-up window, you can choose to sort the list the way you want. 

Why you shouldn’t buy YouTube subscribers

Purchasing or buying YouTube subscribers is appealing, but growing engagement with them can be risky. There are so many causes that you should not buy YouTube subscribers. Purchasing new subscribers can increase engagement and offer instant growth, but this may result in losing more than you gain. 

If you buy YouTube subscribers you may be penalized for violating YouTube terms and policy. You will receive a strike from YouTube. After three strikes YouTube may delete your account.

These subscribers will not be your customer and will not behave like organic customers. Buying subscribers doesn’t automatically increase in watch time, view counts, or likes. Instead, you might need to go back and purchase engagement separately.

The worst part is you won’t learn to make quality content. Through trial and error, creators learn and grow as a professional. The experiments and metrics develop their own style which gains potential subscribers.

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