Do you find writing a boring job? Does making youtube videos seem more interesting to you? That’s why you have been putting your heart and soul into making productive videos but getting hardly any views? Or are you just someone trying to figure out how videos rank in this giant video sharing platform?

Now let’s slow down; enough questions for one go.

Writing skills might seem irrelevant in making videos for youtube, but believe me! This simple task can help you boost SEO, manage more subscriptions, increase your views and watch time! And yes, today I am going to talk about how to write your youtube video description.

So hold your breath and psych yourself up to master this apparently naive skill, which is rather actually an art!

Look at these pictures. There are some lines written under the title of this video. Can you guess what their purpose might be?

Easy guess, wasn’t it? They are telling you what the video is about and what one can learn after watching this. To put this professionally, one can summarise that a youtube video description is one form of youtube marketing that will help you reach the targeted audience.

So now, as you have got the basic idea about the youtube video description and learnt how they could change your game, how are you feeling? Unconfident? Puzzled? Not sure about how to do this job? No worries! Let’s dig into the strategies to write the best description for your next youtube video.

Stay tuned till the end and receive additional resources to have a deeper understanding of this subject.

9 Pro-tips for writing the Best Youtube Video Descriptions

Play with your Keywords

Just like google, youtube also ranks its videos using SEO (Search Engine Optimization). That’s why choosing the right keywords is crucial to ensure the best practice of SEO. So write at least 250 words in the video description section; anything less than that might not give the result you are expecting.

The one and only secret to ace this game is never to overdo this! First of all, carefully choose 1-2 keywords that might be the best suit for your video and can generate the highest traffic. Place them smartly in your description and the title. Never stuff the writing by using them repeatedly (highest two or three times repetition for best result) because it may occur keyword stuffing!

If you are not sure about how to get suitable keywords, no worries. Tools like Google Ads Keyword Planner & Google Trends can always come in handy.

Here read the description carefully. Look how smartly they have used the keyword ‘eco-friendly lifestyle’. Also, there were some complementary keywords, which were directly related to the topic: zero waste, reduce waste, green tips and tricks, minimalist lifestyle, easy and affordable. Sounds interesting, not much of a hassle, right?

Be rational and logical

Pour your heart out and go all creative because the description should stand out from the crowd and never sound monotonous. There might be a thousand videos about how to make a cake, but yours should sound creative and more interesting than others. Use your keywords in the first 2-3 sentences to grab the audience’s attention, and also it will help you rank better. Tell your viewers what they will be learning after watching it, and also, adding a short description of your channel can help you manage more subscribers who might be into your genre.

I hope now you understand why putting the first 2-3 lines in the most innovative way is so important! Also, here is another secret tip, if the viewer has clicked the ‘show more’, they are most probably loving your content. So kudos and use this opportunity to brand yourself, your channel and your products. Mention your social media handles to help yourself build your own community and interact with your audience more easily!

Don’t forget the CTA (Call-to-action)

Why should I subscribe to your channel or even watch your videos? How will they benefit me or serve me? This has to be answered in this section. If written correctly, then it can increase your engagements and also subscriptions!

Here goes another secret tip! The first 200 characters are generally shown in the description section; the rest gets hidden under the show more option. So the best practice is to include your CTA within the first 200 characters as it can ensure the highest engagement. But can you tell me what’s the issue with the description in the above picture? Brainstorm yourself and come back with your answer after a while.

Use Default Descriptions and Timestamps

Default descriptions can help you paste the necessary links (Ex. your social media handles) in each of your videos. This tactic is highly resourceful and can save lots of time and energy. But it doesn’t mean either that all your video descriptions can be identical. Remember never to make your descriptions boring in the course of saving time!

Have you noticed how I used a walkthrough before writing these tips in detail? It actually helped you get an overview and search for your desired tip in a heartbeat. For the same reason, use timestamps so that your viewers can easily find what they have been looking for in your video.

Don’t forget to check your descriptions on multiple devices

70% of our Millenials watch youtube from their phones. So make sure to check if your writing looks attractive enough from your phone (Android & iPhone), PC, laptop, tablet and other gadgets. And don’t hesitate to reach out to your friends if you don’t owe some of these!

Hashtags can be fun (but don’t go all CRAZY)

Hashtags can help your targeted audience find your content more swiftly. So use a maximum of 15 relevant hashtags to keep up your game. But any more than that, and youtube will reject them altogether. Check out the previous screenshots and see how smartly some of the content creators have used their hashtags!

Learn from your competitors

Content creators who make videos of the same topic as yours might be a rival to you! But don’t forget you have a lot to learn from them. Search your topic and read captions from the relevant videos. Find the keywords repeatedly used by most of the channels and incorporate them into your writing. This will definitely help you to appear in the “suggested videos” section.

Add links and credit your sources

Youtube video description is actually an excellent medium for branding your products. So don’t forget to add the necessary links. Also, if your contents are research-based and include many references, don’t hesitate to mention them here. And give due credits to your sources, which will ultimately help you build a strong network with fellow creators and increase your chance for future collaborations.

Pay attention to your youtube analytics

Making attractive videos isn’t enough if they aren’t doing well on the platform. That’s why analysing data of your engagements, watch time, subscription rate is quite important. It will help you build your customised strategy on how to do well on this giant platform with millions of existing content creators.

So that was all about our strategies on how to write an effective youtube video description. I hope now you are confident enough to write one on your own. But I know a little extra help could always make your life a lot easier. And that’s why here go 11 youtube video description templates for 11 different genres! Follow the basics and add an essence of your creativity here and there to attract more viewers.


11 Creative & Unique Youtube Video Description Template Ideas

Photography & Videography Channels

In this video, I will be sharing some cool tips about [what is your video about, choose 2-3 keywords based on SEO]. Subscribe to my channel to learn A to Z of Photography/Videography: [Insert your YouTube subscription link]

[Insert a brief description about how this specific video can benefit your targeted audience, what you are offering. Choose some complementary keywords]

Want to learn like a pro? Check out my premium classes NOW: [Insert link of your products or premium classes]

[Consider inserting a timestamp (optional)]

Check out these videos to learn more cool tricks: [Insert additional resources, you can always mention your previous videos, which the audience might find relatable. Insert those links with a customised one-line description]

Let’s get connected over [Social Media] and help me build the [Choose a cool name for your community of followers (optional)] COMMUNITY: [Insert link to your social media handles]

To take your photography/videography skill to the next level, SUBSCRIBE to [Youtube Channel Name] NOW!

[insert your YouTube subscription link]

[Insert hashtags]

Educational Channels

In this video, you’re going to learn about [the topic of your video]. Subscribe to [Youtube channel name] to learn new things every day. Happy Learning!

[Insert your YouTube subscription link]

Here’s what will be covered throughout this video:

Point #1 [Insert keywords of the point]
Point #2 [Insert keywords of the point]

Chapters: [Include timestamps to your video segments]

For more information on [Video topic], visit: [Insert additional resources]

What do you think of [Topic of the video]? Let me know in the comments below!

Subscribe: [Insert your YouTube subscription link]
Follow me on: [Insert link to your social media handles]
[Insert hashtags]

Gaming Channels

[Insert 8-9 words (maximum) about your video (The shorter, the cooler!)]

My Channel: [Insert your YouTube subscription link]

[Don’t forget to insert link to the game you’re playing]

[Mention if there is any sponsor. Give details of the coupon codes or any sorts of discounts your followers might receive from them]

My recording gear: [Add links to your gears]

[Insert link to your social media handles]

[Insert hashtags]

Vlogging Channels

Hello good people! I recently [something you did] and [insert something cool you experienced, learned, or want to share with your followers]. Help me grow!

[Insert your YouTube subscription link]

[Insert something cool or unique about your video]


Hi! I’m (name). On my channel, you will find (channel topic). I love sharing [sub-topic, for example – food recipes/lifestyle hacks/travel stories etc.] that I have learned over the years. 

Go here to see more:  [Insert link to your website]

You can connect with me on [Insert links to your social media channels]to watch more fun activities and learn more tips & tricks to ace wherever you go!

Subscribe NOW to see more of my videos in your feed:

My Vlogging Gear: [Add links to your gears]

Music: [Give credit to the music you used in your video (Secret Tip: Always try to add from local musicians, show them your support and build a strong network)]

Cheers! (Use some cute-fun emojis, but again! Don’t overdo it!)

[Add hashtags]

Tech Channels

[Insert 10-15 words (maximum) about what you’re going to do in your video (The shorter, the cooler!)] Subscribe to my channel to stay updated!

[Insert your YouTube subscription link]

Product Link:

(Also mention if there is any sponsor and discount going on for your followers)

[Add Timestamp]

Have you used the [Product Name]? What’s your opinion? Let me know in the comments below!

Let’s get connected over [Social Media]: [Insert links to your social media channels]

Music: [Give credit to the music you used in your video (Insert Link)]

[Add hashtags]

Fitness Channels

[Insert a short description of your video, two lines max] Subscribe to [Your Channel] to gain a healthier lifestyle!

[Insert your YouTube subscription link]

[Now, go deeper, create a story to engage with your audience. The tone should be appreciative, friendly and soothing. And of course, sound relatable]

Background Music: [Insert Link] (Pro-tip: Always suggest different playlists which they can listen to while following your exercises. In fact, share why you love them. Your followers will love you more!)

[Consider inserting a timestamp (optional)]


[Insert your description. Tell them what’s your mission, try a unique approach]

Go here to see more:  [Insert link to your website]

Stay Connected: [Insert links to your social media channels]

Political Satires/ News Channels

[Placing your keywords through a question can be a good tactic. Sound suspenseful and motivate your audience to watch the whole video. Ex. What’s happening in Afghanistan? Learn about the USA’s opinion on Taliban supremacy.] Subscribe to [Your Channel] to stay updated.

[Insert your YouTube subscription link]

[Add a brief description of the video, but don’t give out all the information]


[Insert your description. Tell them what’s your mission, try to sound unique]

Visit here to learn more about us:  [Insert link to your website]

Follow us on: [Insert link to your social media handles]
[Insert hashtags]

Comedy Channels

[No matter how fun your activity is, always try to sound way cooler in the description box. Yeah, that’s the secret! But don’t make clickbait captions (Click the link to read YouTube Community Guidelines). They might perform well at first but will also ruin your reputation in the long run]

[Insert CTA] (Make it creative, give a hint about your upcoming cool plans and inspire them to stay hooked)

Cast & Crew: [Don’t forget to give due credits]

Music: [Give credit to the music you used in your video (Insert Link)]

Follow us on: [Insert link to your social media handles]
[Insert hashtags]

Makeup Channels

[Add CTA] (Go all creative)

[Write a cute and fun description. Use your sense of aesthetics and stay relatable. The tone should be friendly and welcoming]

Product List: [Inserting list from where viewers can buy them directly is always more helpful. Also, it increases your chances to collab with the brands in the near future]

[Insert a brief description of your channel. If you believe in cruelty-free makeup products and want to promote them, then mention it boldly and build your community with like-minded people. Show the world the ACTIVIST inside you. Show care and receive the same; that’s the rule ALWAYS!]

Follow me on [Social Media]: [Insert link to your social media handles]

[Insert hashtags, emojis and characters, but don’t go all crazy]

Experiment Channels

If you believe that science can be fun, subscribe to [Your Channel] and learn cool tricks for your next project!

[Insert your YouTube subscription link]

[Insert a fun and brief description about what you’ll be doing in this video]

Check out the references for deeper understanding:

Buy the materials here: [Insert links where they can find the materials for your experiment]

Check out these videos also: [Insert links of your previous contents which might interest the new viewers]

WARNING: [If you think there are some precautions to maintain to perform this experiment, then mention it clearly, maybe consider using emojis to attract the attention of the unattentive viewers]


[Insert your description. Tell them what your purpose is. You can tell them how you want to make science fun for people from all age groups and backgrounds]

Visit here to learn more about us:  [Insert link to your website]

Follow me on [Social Media]: [Insert link to your social media handles]

[Add hashtags]

Toy Reviews Channels

[Tell a cute story related to your video. Don’t make it long]

[Add CTA]

[Insert link where the viewers can find the reviewed products]

[Insert Social Media handles]

[Pro-tip: Keep it short, simple, fun & cute,]

Checklist before publishing any videos

  1. Did I place the CTA/Link before the ‘See more’ fold?
  2. Have I optimised my keywords with SEO? Have they been repeated over 2-3 times? Does the caption sound clickbait or wannabe?
  3. Did I give necessary credits wherever needed?
  4. Did I add additional resources to help the viewers understand my topic deeply?
  5. Have I used relevant hashtags, emojis, characters?
  6. Did I motivate my viewers to comment and create a conversation?
  7. Did I add links to the product or my affiliate links?
  8. Did I give a unique description of my channel to reach new viewers?
  9. Did I check the description on multiple devices?

There is no universal or standard template for all videos. Every genre is different, and so should be the writing. So don’t laze around; go & get to know your audience and ace this simple art of writing video descriptions.


1. Is there any youtube video description generator online?

Yes, there are. Ex. Inkforall, Rytr, Keiwords, Keyword Tool. Some of them are free, and for some, you will have to pay. 

2 How can one add a clickable link to a youtube video description?

  • Copy the link you want to use (Include “http://” or “https://” at the beginning).
  • Then paste it in the youtube video description box.
  • Don’t forget to hit the ‘Save’ button before you exit.

3. How can someone edit a youtube video description after publishing?

  • Sign in to YouTube Studio.
  • From the left menu, select Content.
  • Click a video’s title or thumbnail.
  • Set the video’s settings and select Save.

Additional Resources

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2. Get insights with YouTube Analytics

(Complete this short course by YouTube’s Creator Academy and learn how to uncover trends to see what’s working and what’s not. Also, find out who’s watching, what they like to watch and which videos could make you the most money)

There is a huge opportunity to earn from youtube. Cause there are a huge collection of youtube video ideas for starting a youtube channel as a profession. For that, you just need to work hard and follow the youtube guideline. Thank you.