Wondering how YouTube marketing works? Confused about how to promote your YouTube channel to the next level? 

We live in a time where the internet is flooded with content.  Today being a great video maker, creator, or YouTuber doesn’t automatically mean that you’re heading to success. it is also about who has figured out the best ways to promote their YouTube videos. So, let us help you to get your video views increased significantly by following the guide below.

Optimizing your YouTube videos for SEO

To promote your youtube channel invest time on YouTube SEO. SEO has the power to get your video at the top positions in the YouTube SERP(Search Engine Results Page). 

When a user searches for a query YouTube does not serve a list of most-viewed videos. It provides the most relevant videos and channels to the user.

  • Try to include the relevant keyword(s) in your video title and description so that The YouTube algorithm can directly parse text. When you include your target keyword in the metadata, it makes a signal to YouTube to consider it for the query. 
  • Use categories in your video to help YouTube get a better understanding of who to show your videos to. 
  • Also, use relevant tags focusing on what other videos are using. These tags might not lead you to rank directly in YouTube search but they can make your videos pop under the “suggested videos” tab that might earn traffic. 
  • Make sure you provide a descriptive overview of the video content and your YouTube video titles and descriptions are user-centric. The ideal length of a video description is 2 or 3 sentences.
  • In your videos, video descriptions, and YouTube “About” tab always includes a call to action.
  • To ensure that your content is fresh and up-to-date, as well as to help keep your fans. And YouTube channel subscribers coming back for more, try to create and post new videos regularly.
  • To layer important text, calls to action, and links over your videos the most effective way is to add “cards” to your YouTube videos.

So, you should promote your YouTube channel & keeping SEO in mind to get views on youtube video.

Interact with Viewers & Engage with Them

If you want to be a successful YouTuber you should constantly monitor and interact with your audiences. YouTube is like any other social network platform where you would engage and respond to comments with your followers.

Respond to audiences’ comments—even the negative ones—and add react to them. Ask your audience what else they want to watch, encourage them to write it in the comment section. Post response videos. identify your top fans using analytics and show them some extra love.It will skyrocket your video reach.

Contests and giveaways

One of the most successful tactics to expand your fan base is contests and giveaways. It has the power to increase the activity on your channel. Also, mobilize your community significantly. As the participants like to share their entries with their personal networks it gives exposure to your channel to a new audience which will drive engagement.

Therefore, try a giveaway contest. In order to participate ask your viewers for a subscription and a like on your video. You will be amazed after seeing the effectiveness of it. 

Still make sure you’re getting results from your efforts that you are not winding up wasting time, money and resources. After doing one contest, wait a while and analyze your subscriber drop-off rate as well as engagement numbers. If you aren’t getting engaged subscribers, this could just be attracting people who want free prizes.

Q & A sites

Audience Q&As are asking your subscribers to ask you questions by writing it, sending it as comments, emails, or tweets. Then create a video on it and address them. It is the most effective way to build community. Show your fans that they matter, it will boost your video watch time, view counts, and engagement. Plus, Q&As can be lifesavers when you are out of new content ideas.

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Collaborate with other YouTubers

Collaborating with other video creators is the best way to get exposure from an audience who has not heard of you. To expand your audience reach quickly cross-promotion works as a lifesaver. The techniques are simple. When a video creator introduces your content or videos to a similar type of audience it creates instant social proof & moves them to check you out. 

It’s like when we first meet someone we like to ask them about their favorite movie/book. What they love to eat, do in their leisure time, or their interest in particular things. It helps us to relate with this person. It’s the same works for collaborating also when the audience hears from their favorite channel about a new channel it entices them to know more about that channel.

Cross promote your videos

You know how it is today, everyone is on Instagram, Facebook, TikTok, Twitter, etc. This interconnected world is full of information and the people on it might as well be your potential viewers.

How to promote your YouTube channel on Facebook

If you have a look on your facebook feed you can see there are tons of different content including videos. Simply post your video on facebook using the share button under your video and hit “Post on Facebook”, ask your viewers to share it on their profiles too.

In case you want to promote your youtube videos on facebook like a professional you follow the tips below:

Create a Facebook page: When you have a youtube channel you should focus on having a facebook page to share updates, new videos, and interact with your fans for more engagement. If you are completely new, then for creating your first page all you have to do is go to “Facebook for Business” and there you are all set to go.

Post sneak peeks: To build up curiosity A sneak peek of what is coming is the best way to entice people. You can post a photo or a short video of an upcoming project, add a link to it and see the views coming in. if the post craft in the right way it can build anticipation. 

Become part of a community: Find a group that is under your niche where people share their opinions, tips, and ideas on the things that you talk about on your channel. It will expand your thinking and new ideas. You can post your video or cross talk about things you find interesting.

How to promote your YouTube channel on Instagram

Today’s time instagram is the most popular social medium. To promote your videos on instagram the things you need to focus are given below.

Switch to a professional account: Instagram has the feature that all Instagram users can have a professional account where they get access to the features and enjoy the privileges that come with it. For that go to your profile setting, request a professional account, and choose the description that matches your area of interest. This will unlock new tools that offer a deep perception of information, such as profile analytics.
Pay attention to the analytics: Now that you have become a professional Instagram user you can access your profile analytics. These analytics give you a better understanding of who your audience is,  to engage them what type of content you should publish, and how Instagram users interact with your content.
Post regularly: If you want more people to see your YouTube videos and increase engagement. You should focus on posting your videos regularly. Try to post everything – photos, stories, and videos, it will help you promote your videos on Instagram with engaging people.

How to promote YouTube channel on Twitter

Twitter can be a great tool to promote your YouTube channel if you use it right. Even if you don’t have any followers, try to tweet regularly and use relevant hashtags when people search for those topics your post will appear with others. This will work as a good exposure to get to know your channel. Use only popular hashtags that are relevant to your tweets and to your audience. Alway try to tweet with value to entice people to know more.

How to promote YouTube channel with email marketing

If you want to generate more leads and build your brand, you should focus on growing your email list and boost email engagement. Adding YouTube videos to your email marketing strategy can be the ticket. To boost your channel here are some suggestion given below:

  •  Into your email subject line try to Incorporate the word “video”
  • The majority of people use mobile devices to read their emails today to make it easy for them to optimize email campaigns with videos for mobile to get a bigger reach.
  • Inserting a YouTube icon in your emails can allow your email subscribers to link directly to your YouTube channel and provide access to your videos, even if in that email message you aren’t featuring a video.
  • Testing and optimizing the video thumbnails in your email templates will allow you to know what works better. Test the size, color, and location of the play buttons, as well as the image used.

Website to grow your Youtuber brand

Do you need a website for your YouTube channel? Well, if you want to grow your YouTube channel as a brand you should have a website. It will give you a sort of ownership and the viewers can have a platform to read your stories and access non-video content from your websites. Also, It will help you to find content from you with search engines. It will build a space to connect with new audiences who might not like to watch videos but love to read your blogs.

How to Promote Your YouTube Channel on Forums

Forums is the best place to promote your YouTube channels. People have questions and they need answers to them so they made forums on the internet to get those questions asked and answered. 

to promote your YouTube videos and channel for free the best Places are Quora, Reddit, and Stack Overflow. Basically this is how it goes: Users talk about something related to your niche, you jump in, chat with them, and drop a link to your YouTube channel.

Thanks for reading. We are delighted to be a tiny part of your YouTube learning process. Do reach out if you have any queries or feedback about YouTube content. We will be more than happy to hear from you.