You may be wondering how to film your YouTube videos? What are the things to focus on to make it at the top of youtube? What equipment do I need to start a youtube channel

It can be a challenge for a new youtuber who wants to start their journey as a video content creator.

What Is Video Content?

Any content format that includes or features video is known as video content. Common forms of video content include vlogs, live videos, recorded presentations, animated GIFs, customer testimonials, and webinars. If you are a beginner should focus on choosing the perfect content for your youtube video.

Why do you need a video?

People do not like to read lengthy things. In terms of better user experience video is something that works as the best option. Behind sales & grabbing attention video is the potential driving force. It creates and distributes valuable video content to your target audience with the aim of attracting, engaging, and converting them into qualified leads.

Your Youtube Video Equipment Needs

Today equipment can not be an obstacle for a new video creator if he/she has a smartphone only. Nowadays mobile phones have almost all the features for making a high-quality video. If you are a beginner the youtube equipment you need is your smartphone and the will to start creating YouTube content. But if you have the money we recommend you buy a tripod, microphone, and a pair of lights to shoot in dark.

Use Plenty of Light

During filming lighting works as one of the top priorities to make your video look professional. Your video won’t be good enough if you don’t use properly placed light in your video. The Sun works as the best light source to film a video. Try to get your footage in the morning or evening if you are planning to take them in natural light. Midday light is something you should avoid because it harshes up the subject as the light comes from straight overhead. But in case you have to try to do so on a cloudy day to find a softer light. 

For filming indoors you should be careful about the type of light to use and where to place them, or you can use windows as a good light source.  Using a large lamp or two to cast the type of light is also an efficient choice.

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Use a Clean Background

Background plays a huge role to make your video look professional. The easiest way to get your youtube video a professional look is using a solid colored background. A wall, a bedsheet, or a large sheet of backdrop paper can be all good options. Try to film your video in a professional environment where you actually work and spend time.
Having a light source like a window behind your subject will make the subject look dark and shadowy. Try to avoid such things.  

Clear audio

Views can tolerate rough visuals, but they won’t forgive audio that sounds fuzzy and indistinct. It will make them hit the back button within a few seconds after playing your video. Try to Capture clear audio and put the microphone as close to the subject as possible. Be careful about the background noise that your microphone might be picking up, use filters to avoid this.

Avoid Shaky Footage

Shaky footage will damage the tone and professionalism of your video. It is hard to hold a camera steady. Instead, use a tripod, or set your camera on a sturdy surface to set up your camera. Don’t pan around constantly avoid moving your camera unless you have to. If you want to change perspective try cutting one shot to another. 

Framing badly

Framing is something you should focus on if you want to make your video look professional. When you look through the camera or film people make sure you put the top of the head at the top of the frame. Many new video creators look through the camera and put their faces in the middle of the screen. This ends up having empty space above the person’s head. Learn to look through the viewfinder to overcome the bad framing as if it is a framed picture on the wall.

The Rule of Thirds for film youtube video

The rule of thirds is the most basic principle of film composition. When you are filming imagine there is a 3-by-3 grid laid over the place you are filming. Place your subject along with one of the lines of the grid instead of placing it right in the middle of the field. The points where lines intersect are the most strong areas of focus. So, place important components of the video there, if you can.

Use Your Phone the Right Way

Your mobile phone is more than enough to capture professional video footage and the quality is just fine for most cases. But there are few things keeping in mind that will enrich the video quality more they are given below

  • Try to use the back camera of your phone as most mobile phones have better camera quality in the back than the front camera.
  • Record horizontally instead of vertically. Which will make your footage look good on other devices too.
  • Overlay a grid on your phone if your phone has this feature. It will help you to frame perfectly.

Camera Presence

If you appear in your YouTube videos, the way you gesture and posture yourself will have a huge impact on how professional your content looks. When you appear nervous, fidgety, or uncomfortable on camera viewers get distracted from your massage. If you have a lacking there, you should try to overcome it with practice.  

  • Stand up straight – Use calm, open body language. Keep your muscles relaxed and your shoulders back. Take deep breaths.
  • Try to smile, it will give your viewers a friendly vive.
  • Speak clearly and Slow down slightly when you talk to pronounce the words correctly for better understanding.
  • Watch footage of yourselves point out the lackins and practice to improve them.

Editing Your YouTube Videos

When filming your video try to film more than you need and try to capture from several angles. It will work as safety shots which also help you make your final cut. This is something you should focus on for getting a professional look while saving your time and effort. In the beginning, try to use simple editing software to avoid complicated programs.  Set the mood with music, but turn it down and careful that it blends into the content.

Pay attention to constructive criticism

Ask your viewers for feedback, pay attention to the comments box and constructive criticism. Work on improving the failings & errors.

Over to you! Thanks for reading. We are delighted to be a tiny part of your YouTube learning process. Do reach out if you have any queries or feedback about YouTube content. We will be more than happy to hear from you.

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