Being successful on YouTube is more challenging now than it was a few years ago. Surely, there are a number of ways to grow on YouTube. After spending all that time preparing for a video: planning, scripting, recording is quite a hefty task on its own. Imagine being this hard-working, only to find you don’t have enough views.

Frustrating? Yes, that might be.

5 Tricks To Grow On YouTube

Thankfully, setting up a YouTube account is easy. But it takes a little more to build a successful channel. In today’s blog post, we’ll be unveiling all the secrets you need to know to grow on YouTube – even with 0 views and 0 subscribers!

1. Use Compelling Titles

When it comes to choosing a title, don’t be boring. As a YouTuber starting from scratch, you must select titles that are unique, interesting and catches the attention of your target audience immediately.

Take newspapers for an example. When you flip through one, which story do you read first? The answer is the one with the most captivating title.

We know, writing eye-catching YouTube titles is a tricky job. After putting your thoughts on paper, next thing you have to deal with is the title. Is this appealing enough? Will people connect with the title and click it? Don’t worry, we got it all covered. Some of the proven title ideas are,

How to … (do something)

Warnings … (don’t do something if you don’t know this)

Product comparison and reviews

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2. Hook Them With A YouTube Trailer

Think of a movie, for an example. A movie has a beginning: to hook a viewer, a middle: to fill out the story and an end: to wrap it up and create an escapade. That’s exactly how a video experience on YouTube should be! First impressions matter on YouTube and a channel trailer can work as the hook for your viewers.

When enabled, the trailer appears at the top of your YouTube channel page and automatically starts playing for visitors who are not subscribers.

So, the goal is to create a channel trailer for the first-time visitors explaining who you are, what your content is about, and most importantly, why they should subscribe to you.

3. Want To Grow On YouTube? Put Your Fans First.

The number of views, likes, and subscribers you get on YouTube is not just digits. Behind each like, view, and subscription there is a human being with real emotions and struggles who is supporting you.

Answering FAQs, live streaming, creating content based on the queries of your viewers – there are many ways to let your viewers know that you care for them.

Giveaways, shoutouts and even handing out little hearts in the comment section is the smallest gesture you can do to win the hearts of your viewers.

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4. Power of CTA

What does CTA stand for? Call To Action. Simply put, you need to tell your viewers what you want them to do.

You want them to give thumbs up, comment, share your videos and subscribe to your channel, right? Then, tell them!

You might think that people will naturally subscribe if they like your content. But sadly, that’s not the case here on YouTube.

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5. Consistency Is Key To Growth On YouTube

Most of the struggling YouTubers give up too easily. They upload a handful of videos and get discouraged over the fact that their content is not getting enough exposure.

Growth on YouTube can be correlated with pushing a snowball uphill. In the beginning, it’s small and insignificant. As soon as you reach a particular height, we’ll surely see a big impact!

In conclusion, all these tips are just the tip of the iceberg to growing your YouTube channel. With proper motivation and dedication, anyone can be successful. Just be patient and consistent while your channel blows up!

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