Titles of YouTube videos play an important role. However, finding the ideal one is a stressful task. A compelling YouTube title will draw an audience in and increase the number of views. If your title is mediocre or just meh, people will scroll by.

So, it is crucial for every YouTuber to decide on a title that is scroll-stopping. Having excellent content and posting high-quality videos by themselves can’t create a buzz in 2023. To build up the audience, you should focus a bit more on titles, descriptions, thumbnails and tags.

What is a YouTube Title?

A YouTube title is a concise description of your video. By this title, the algorithm is able to determine the type of video you are making and who your target audience is.

We all know, the first thing your audience sees before the content is the title. A great video must have a great title.

How To Title YouTube Videos?

Now, let’s talk about 7 excellent ways to write a title for your YouTube videos. Remember, you don’t have to apply all of the advice at once.

1. Avoid Clickbait YouTube Titles

A must-do when choosing a title for your video is keeping it relevant. Viewers often get caught by a catchy thumbnail, click on the video and get disappointed by not finding anything to the point.

Hence, make sure to select a title that aligns with your content nicely. Simply put, serve them with what they expect.

The days of clickbait are long gone on YouTube. To be honest, they do more damage than good. If you use clickbait, YouTube will determine that you use the videos solely for the purpose of gaining views rather than to address a problem.  It will cause your channel to be penalized. Stay away from this for your own benefit!

2. Thumbnails Go Hand In Hand With YouTube Titles

The basic concept is: titles and thumbnails must work together. Come up with a sensational title first and your thumbnail doesn’t necessarily have to repeat the whole thing. Think of them as a combo – they should complement each other.

If you feel texts are overcrowding your thumbnail picture, drop them completely. Also, use cohesive photos for thumbnails to enhance your hard work.

Want to know more about thumbnails? Click here.

Note: Is an excellent title paired with a magnetic thumbnail enough? No. It might escort you some extra clicks but won’t help your channel’s growth in the long run.

3. Use Eye-Catching Keywords

If you are associated with YouTube, you are likely aware of the value of keywords. While the majority of them only use keywords in the video tags, YouTube algorithm also takes into account keywords in the title. Just don’t overdo it. 

Again, using too many keywords is against YouTube policies and the channel may occasionally face issues. As a result, only use the main keyword once in the title. Words and phrases that not only represent your content, but also have a promising search volume can be sprinkled throughout.

Take a look at YouTube SEO Basics.

4. Power Of Attention Words

“How To Get Views On YouTube” vs “How To Get Massive Views On YouTube” – which YouTube title would catch your eyes first? Yes, you both know the answer. Use of attention words is a fantastic way to title your videos.

People tend to relate to emotion-evoking words extremely easily. Take it as an opportunity to grab views. Some of these power words are Affordable, Easy, Hacks, Excellent etc.

5. Create An Open Loop

Let’s explain this point through an example. Must Have Back To School Essentials – what do you think of this title? If you are a student going back to school, this title would be intriguing enough to open a wide door of ideas. An urge to click through these kinds of videos is very common.

Open loops are a compact way of speaking to your target audience and drawing them into your channel. One of the simplest ways to tweak an open loop in your videos is putting an exclamation or question sign.

6. Explore More

Know your niche. You must have a crystal clear idea of what you are making and for whom you are producing.

Launch frequently into your Analytics to see which one of your videos are working well. Study titles, research thumbnails and try to incorporate those tips in your upcoming projects.

If you are a fairly new Youtuber, pick ideas from other creators to get rough ideas. There is a high chance that a video like the one you are about to make has probably already been produced by someone.

So, why not take that as a lesson? Once you find a powerful formula, plug and play different concepts to go viral every time.

7. Use SEO tools To Create Excellent YouTube Titles

A few questions that may be running through your mind are, “How to find the best keyword?”, “How do I optimize?

A stunning tool we can recommend to you is SEO Tools for YouTuber. Use this application to extract tags, rank check, and analyze videos.

Finally, be aware that the title and thumbnail of your video will serve as your hook. It’s a technique for making your video stand out and drawing viewers.

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