It’s best to start out on YouTube by sticking to the basics. As you add more content to your channel and videos will continue to fall in your channel’s rankings, you will need some unique content ideas for YouTube videos. Don’t get overwhelmed. This massive list gathers solid video ideas for YouTube all in one place that’ll blow up your channel in 2024.

Best YouTube Video Ideas

First Impressions. Find something fresh or popular in your niche. Share your initial thoughts about it with your audience.

Answering FAQ. Answering frequently asked questions often draws a tremendous number of viewers. Because it gives off the idea that you are putting them first by answering their queries.

Rant Videos. Do you need to vent to the camera about something? Do you want to let out some anger? Then, a rant video is a good option for you.

Reviews. YouTube is clearly one of the biggest search engines. Here, people are constantly looking for products: what to buy and what not. Make review videos on different products, especially on new launches. Also, make extra money by being an affiliate.

Vlogging. People are nosy and they love to see what other people do in their lives. Vlogs like, What I Eat In A Day, What I Did This Week are quite popular these days.

Best Products Under $. First, choose a product in accordance with your audience. If you create videos about musical instruments, your audience won’t even get bothered by what cooking utensils under 100 dollars work best. Surprisingly, searching for products under a specific budget is very common. And if you do it right, your videos might appear first.

Tutorial. Do you know how to do something that might help others? Post a Tutorial!

How To Series. Expand your basic tutorials by turning it into a series.

Product Comparison. This vs That. Which one is better? As soon as a new model of any specific phone launches, everyone wants to know how it performs in comparison with the previous one. Hence, the comparison videos.

Beginner’s Guide. How to get something started is one of the most searched topics on YouTube. So, grab this opportunity to create videos with beginners in mind and teach them what they need to know.

Shopping Hauls. Technology, clothes, makeup, and even school supplies! Everyone loves to see a good haul on YouTube.

Gift Ideas. Post interesting gift ideas for various occasions, like Christmas, birthdays, anniversaries, etc. Also, it’s another great way to make affiliate money. Endorse products and encourage paid promotion for your growth.

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Transformation Videos. These do incredibly well on YouTube. Before and after scenarios, for example, weight loss, home organization and glow ups get easily viral.

Reaction Videos. React on videos that pertain to your niche and let your viewers know about your thoughts.

Draw Inspiration for Popular Channels. First of all, it’s not stealing. Take a popular video relevant to your channel and share your take on it.

Unboxing. Did you buy something new this week that your viewers might find interesting? Do an unboxing video! The thrill of getting our hands on a new product is undeniable. That’s why people seem to enjoy these kinds of videos.

Time-lapse Videos. Recording yourself cleaning, arranging or any other petty thing would be great for a time-lapse video. This kind of content triggers ASMR and accelerates overall watch time.

Story Time Videos. Who doesn’t love a good story? Post story time videos and get sky-rocketing views.

Routines. Morning, night time and skin care routines are extremely common as well as popular. You can spark curiosity by adding specifications like, Winter Morning Routine, Summer Night Time Routine, Skin Care for Dry Skin etc.

What I Do In A Day. Walk people through you daily life and show them what you do on a regular day.

How Much I Spend In A Day. People are curious in general when dollar bills are involved. Take your audience with you in your hauls and share with them how much you spend.

Tour Videos. Home tour, room tour, workspace tour, vanity tour – tour videos are an easy success formula in YouTube.

First Time Experience. Don’t mix it up with first impressions. First time experience means showing your viewers how it’s like when you are experiencing something for the first time.

Challenges. Fun challenges always attract a vast number of viewers. In fact, eating a spicy chip was one of the most watched challenges in 2024!

Interviews. Do you happen to have an interesting experience? Do you know someone with an insight to a specific situation? Then, make an interview video!

Life Hacks. Everyone wants to know the hacks of life, right? So, share your ways to do things effectively by making hack videos.

News about Trending topics. Leveraging a trending topic in your videos confirms catching eyes. Make detailed news videos on trends to create a buzz even with fewer subscribers.

Go Live. Live streams not only increase engagement, but also accelerate watch hours for your channel. Go live frequently to build an invested audience base.

Giveaways. Make this as an entire video or add it to any other videos. It’s the minimum you can do to appreciate the love you get from your viewers.

Tips and Tricks. These do especially well for media channels, where interested viewers are constantly looking for guidance. 

It’s true that there are numerous ways to create a video. So, the important aspects are to understand your audience and have a clear purpose for the video. Most of these YouTube video ideas can be used in any genre. Just use the core idea and determine how they relate to your area of expertise.

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