Youtube 4000 Hours Of Watch Time = 1000 Subscribers = Monetization

That’s a pretty easy equation, isn’t it? Reaching YouTube’s 4000 hours of watch time hack can be challenging; especially for beginners who have trouble understanding how to beat the algorithm. However, it doesn’t need to be a battle!

Why Is 4000 Hours Watch Time Hack So Important?

In the simplest words, 4000 watch hours and 1000 subscribers annually are necessary to access the YouTube Partner Program (YPP) and get monetized. If you maintain 20,000 minutes of watch time per month, it will take you a year to build 4,000 watch hours (240,000 minutes).

4000 Watch Hours in minutes = 240,000 minutes

Don’t compromise the quality of your content to post frequently for more views. In fact, you can achieve 4000 hours of watch time with only a few great videos!

Now, stick with us to learn 7 solid strategies to 4000 watch hours hack.

1. Hold The Interest To Increase Watch Time

How to increase watch hours on youtube hack?

Just think of a movie, for example. A movie has a beginning: to hook a viewer, a middle: to fill out the story, and an end: to wrap it up and create an escapade. That’s exactly how a video experience on YouTube should be!

First, you need to be strategic with what types of videos you want to post on your channel. Don’t just leave your ideas disjointed.

Start with a relatable intro to connect with your audience instantly. Put some plot twists here and there to hold the viewers. Keep them wanting for more to increase your overall watch time.

2. Playlists Are Powerful

When any idea is carried over a few videos, your viewers are bound to watch your content for longer. All you need to do is make playlists and get them invested enough. People sure can skip to different sections of your playlist but the enthusiasm is confirmed.

3. 4000 Hours Watch Time Hack Data Tip

To increase the watch time, you must know how to measure it. So, how do you measure the watch time? Jump into YouTube Analytics and then Advanced Mode. Go to End Screen Elements. Here, the numeric figure you see is the number of people that made it to the end of your video.

Interesting, right? You can place another video in this end screen for this exact number of people to click onto. Hence, it’ll increase the watch time.

4. The Perfect Length

There is a myth that you need to make longer videos to get more watch time. In reality, longer videos, in the long run, can damage your channel. Stop dragging your videos for the sake of it.

Keep it effective and entertaining. but remember to listen to your viewers. Decide the length of videos based on how they like it – which is shorter in most cases.

You can download Sub4Sub to get 4000 hours of watch time easily.

5. Read The Reviews

The comment section below your videos is the goldmine for your watch time. Read comments, know their queries and try to answer them. Once your viewers will start to get their queries answered, a watch frenzy is inevitable.

6. Special Effects (SFX)

Use of visual effects, metaphors often comes in handy to make your content stand out. Also, don’t underestimate the power of props. Incorporating props not only make your videos interesting but also holds the attention for longer. Why say it, when you can show it!

7. Sound and Light

These are two important things that are extremely important in delivering high-quality videos. Sound is a via that helps a lot of information enter our brain. In terms of videos, lighting setup may make the difference. If you want your first impression to count, work on these areas to master them.

Try out a few of these suggestions in your videos. If the videos perform well, you will have more watch time in your clutch. Good luck!

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