Creating a YouTube channel for your business or personal use is simpler than you might think. To make sure that your YouTube channel represents your content in the best possible way, you should also be familiar with how the platform works.

In this article, everything that you need to start a YouTube channel will be covered. Whether you’re creating a personal YouTube account or a channel for a brand, the steps will be universal. You can have your own channel ready in 10 minutes or less if you simply follow our detailed instructions.

Let’s begin!

Sign in to your Google account. Register or Sign In if you don’t have one

Using your google account, create a YouTube channel. You can do it either for your personal use or to manage your business. One of the perks of having a business account is that it can be signed in by multiple users with different google accounts.

Navigate to the Customize Channel page. Add some basic information like your channel name, banner, profile picture, etc. successfully to create a channel.

If you want to create another channel for different content, go to Settings from the icon, Click on Add or Manage Channels for a brand new account.

For hosting live streams, custom thumbnails and content ID claims, you must verify your account. Go to YouTube Studio, then Settings and verify your phone number from the Feature Eligibility section.

At this point, you have officially become a YouTuber and your channel is all set up for posting content.

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