If you want to hook people and grow your channel the most simple way to do that is by asking them to subscribe and stick with your channel. The beautiful way to ask them is through your channel trailer. To make it easy for you we will discuss how to make a quality youtube channel trailer.

What is a channel trailer?

You learn the name of a new tv-show, what do you do next – you search on YouTube right? After watching the trailer you decide whether to see it or not. If the trailer attracts you enough you are more likely to watch this show. Your channel trailer does the same thing for people who come to your channel.

Importance of youtube channel trailer

A channel trailer has the power to turn your channel page visitor into subscribers. After seeing your channel art and channel icon, the channel trailer is the next thing that catches people’s eye. If you can execute properly, trailer viewers will be your subscribers.

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Youtube channel trailer length

There is no time limit for a channel trailer specifically. Although YouTube recommends keeping it short. YouTube experts recommend keeping your channel trailer within 30-60 seconds. To optimize the time properly, scripting out can be the best option to include everything you want.

Try to overview the type of content you publish, highlight reel, add a Call-to-Action to your trailer. You do not need to add an end screen for subscribing to your channel. Because it already comes up when the trailer ends.

How to organize your trailer contents

When making a channel trailer, start talking about who your channel is for. By doing this the viewers will know if this channel is what they are looking for or not. Now that they know this channel is for them and they will get help from here. It’s time you share the story behind creating this channel. This story will help your channel to stand out from the crowd.

Finally, ask the audiences to subscribe to your channel. 

Things you should add to make a great trailer

The more you make your channel trailer unique and appealing the more it will entice people to click on that red subscribe button. Think out of the box, try to add graphics. Using fun and informative annotations can help your channel to grab people’s attention. 

Keep in mind you have new viewers

In your channel trailer never use any inside jokes or comments. Remember this trailer is for people who know nothing about you or your channel. You are trying to hook them into your channel, not provide laughter to your existing subscribers.

Show them a glimpse of your content

Using a teaser shot will help them understand the type of content they will receive if they subscribe to your channel. Giving them a taste of the delightful content they will get if they subscribe to your channel, is a great way to appetize the new viewers.

Optimize your trailer’s title and description

Make a trailer title and description that supports the message you publish on your trailer. The titles and descriptions take place next to your channel trailer, make sure it sounds compelling. 

When publishing channel descriptions try to highlight your tagline with positioning, your video types, schedule of publishing, and add a call to action that reminds them to subscribe to your channel.

Use an outline to making your channel trailer

youtube channel trailer script

You have less than a minute to cover up everything you want a new viewer to know. Making a script or outline will help you reduce those “umms” and “ahh” sounds. Using a youtube channel trailer script will help you to cover all the key points you want to share.

Represent yourself and your channel strikingly.

Storytelling and effectiveness of it

A good story has the power to make a viewer feel nervous, laugh, cry, then feel happy all in between a couple of seconds. It is the most powerful way to grab someone’s concentration. Creating your channel trailer with an enticing behind story will help you to get a new subscription. 

A good channel trailer says what is your channel about, what to expect. But a great channel trailer will take you on a journey, it does not only say what is it about it shows every aspect of it. When you add a behind story with your content who you are or why you create this channel, it reflects your touch and personal takes making people engaged. People think they know you and they get attached to you and your journey.

If you are talking about traveling all around the world, as you mention them, show clips or footage of them. Share your own traveling stories with this. It will make people feel they somehow experienced that journey with you and will increase engagement.

First few minutes of your trailer

Make the most out of your trailer in the first few seconds. Make it as short as possible to work with a hunger marketing strategy. Do not just show everything you did. Use a combination of sound, text, and short footage to hook viewers instantly. Showing a flash-back of your channel’s most appreciated part will make a viewer want more from your channel.

Call to action with a perfect reason to subscribe 

There are tons of content that are in the same category as you. What will make those first-time viewers subscribe to your channel rather than subscribing other’s. 

If you are creating videos about traveling, make sure to add details with showing clips also. Show them one hooking thing that makes them think more about your content.

When ending your video, never forget to invite people to subscribe to your channel loud and clear. This Call-to-Action will remind your viewers to take action.

Extra tips to follow

When creating a channel trailer always assume the viewer has never heard of you. Make the best out of it, like – 

Starting with a catchy tagline that sums up your channel will create a clear view for the viewers. To make your channel enticing use action words, link to your social channels/websites – make the URL short and exact. Making your channel device-friendly can boost your channel reach significantly and thus you can hook people with your channel trailer.

Update your channel trailer regularly

Over time as a creator, your channel content may change. You may change the frequency of uploads, your looks, contents, or other parts of the channel. Every Time you do something like that make sure you update your channel trailer. If your publishing schedule is one/two videos per week, then an annual and quarterly trailer update of the trailer should be okay.

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