What happens if you get a copyright claim on youtube? Does it stop you from monetizing your channel and signing up for the YouTube Partner Program? Use our helpful guide to learn more about all the queries you might have.

What Is A Copyright Claim On YouTube?

A YouTube copyright claim is when someone alleges that you are using their audio, image, or video content on the platform. It’s likely that your YouTube video may be taken down if you use any third-party content in it. But there are a few ways to uphold copyright law and avoid violating YouTube’s policy against copyright infringement. 

How To Register A Copyright Complaint?

By logging into your YouTube Channel and selecting Copyright, New Removal Request from the left menu, you can complete the takedown request. Or, you can simply contact Google Support.

The steps are,

Include the video(s) you intend to remove.

There are two removal alternatives available to you, both of which go through confirmation before being carried out. A scheduled request gives the uploader seven days to take down the video before YouTube takes it down, preventing an immediate copyright strike. Whereas, a standard removal request seeks an immediate copyright strike after being validated.

Signing your name to the legal agreements and confirming the webform is the last step.

What happens when you get a copyright claim on YouTube?

After spending countless hours researching, recording, and editing a video, it is difficult for a creator to get a copyright claim. Don’t panic if someone claims that one of your videos contains certain stuff. It won’t have an impact on your channel. Just the video for which a copyright claim has been made on YouTube will be affected.

However, there are a few possibilities that can occur.

If you have used the content of other users, they may claim the money from your video or decide to run advertisements on it.

They can also block your video from YouTube globally or restrict access to it in some countries or regions.

The final alternative is to do nothing, however, this shouldn’t be relied upon. 

How To Dispute A Copyright Claim On YouTube?

If you have a false copyright claim on YouTube, you can dispute it.

Step #1 Go to your YouTube Studio account.

Step #2 If you have an Official Channel, it will be easier for YouTube to identify your content. Basically, it helps YouTube to identify that you have the authorization to utilize the allegedly infringing material in your video.

Step #3 Check all of your videos for copyright violations via the YouTube Creator Studio Dashboard. You will probably receive a notification letter to your email if there is a claim.

Step #4 To dispute the copyright claim, search for Copyright Claim and then click the View Details button. The Choose action and Dispute options can be found there.

Depending on the outcome of the process, they may release or remove your film, but if the owner doesn’t respond within 30 days, the copyright claim may also be lost. That’s all you need to do. Good luck!

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