The whole world just loves YouTube, doesn’t it? Although you may think that just posting a video on YouTube cannot be that hard. In reality, it’s not. However, making people notice that video is a whole new story.

Now you may not be convinced just by these words. So how would you feel if we told you that every minute more than five hundred hours of video content is being uploaded here? Again need, we remind you about how YouTube is the second most used search engine with more than two billion people logged in every month?

So you must have guessed it. You need to up your game in the YouTube world if you want to get noticed. And that journey starts with knowing what a YouTube video title contributes to your video.

What Does a Title Mean in Your Video?

A video title indicates exactly what you are supplying to your audience. It is the first thing that your audience will see even before they see the video. This short statement is going to determine whether or not people are going to watch it. In a more technical term, this piece of statement is the most important metadata your video is going to log into the algorithm.

Now let’s talk about the title itself. You can only write a title that is less than a hundred characters. This is your job to make sure that people click on your video and you do that job by carefully crafting that title.

How Can You Craft the Perfect YouTube Video Title ?

Now, the perfect title is an absolute necessity when it comes to a successful YouTube video. Your YouTube video title needs to meet a lot of standards even before it can be considered good.

You need to optimize your titles to the fullest.

If you are going to craft the perfect title you need to take a lot of things into account. Things like YouTube video title length, SEO implementations, and a lot more.

Lucky for you, this article will supply you with enough knowledge that you can craft these perfect YouTube video titles.

What is SEO Implementation?

SEO means Search Engine Optimization. This is the standard procedure of considering the way search engines work.

If you can implement SEO strategies perfectly your content will list higher on the search engine results. This will cause your content to have more visitors.

So in your case, your video is more likely to be noticed by more people on YouTube if you use SEO. And keywords or key phrases are a key part of it. ( Did  you get the pun?)

More info here!

What are Keywords?

A keyword is a phrase or word which brings focus to your content’s core topics. It describes what your video is about.

So to put it simply, keywords are words that your target audience will search in the YouTube search bar.

Keywords serve  critical purposes:

  • To permit engines like YouTube to realize what your content material is about;
  • To permit viewers to realize what your content material is about;
  • For additional information check here!

    Like every task, your title crafting will most definitely depend on your content. If your content is lacking in quality, it has absolutely zero chances of being successful. But if you have quality content you can stop panicking. Because then you have the work cut out for you.

    Where to Start?

    1. The first order of business is to figure out exactly which genre your content falls into. Whether it is education, entertainment, or something else will have a big impact on your title.
    1. The second part is knowing your target audience. The target audience is a term used to refer to which type of people you think will watch your content. For example, if you’re uploading a cooking video your target audience would be people who want to learn cooking. They are mostly food enthusiasts.
    1. After figuring out your target audience, you need to find the keywords that will attract these people.
    1. After you have finished all these steps you need to get down to actual business aka writing down the title.

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    Tips for Crafting Your YouTube Video Title

    Congratulations!!! You are going to start on your YouTube video title!

    So here are a few tips to help to understand it better:

    1. The Art of Using Precise Keywords

    Remember all those keywords we advised you to find beforehand? Well, those are going to come in handy. These keywords are going to be the pillars for creating the perfect title.

    Keywords are the maximum essential element on the subject of Search Engine Optimization (SEO). And yes, in a comparable way to Google, YouTube also needs SEO to get your films in front of your target audience.

    keywords in youtube title

    So you should try to use the precise keywords in your YouTube video title.

    2. Start Your Title Using a Keyword

    As we explained in the previous tip, YouTube uses SEO implementations to give its users a better experience in search.

    For this reason, the YouTube search engine marketing tactic places greater weight on key phrases if they’re at the beginning of the name. For a more fruitful result, begin your title with the keyword.

    Start with keywords in youtube title

    Try to apply your key phrases to start with to your title. It shows that your video is extra associated with the keyword. So YouTube brings your video to the top of the search.

    3. The Art of Using Numbers

    This is one of the best practices for YouTube videos. Keywords are beneficial for YouTube search engine optimization to discover your video in the search. But there are a number of opportunities where other creators have made contents similar to the video you did.

    Numbers in YouTube titles

    In this case, YouTube ranks the videos in the fundamentals of various factors. After the search, generally, videos in the first 3 locations get extra views. Yes, visitors to begin with a pass to look at the films on the pinnacle.

    So, you want to push your video on the top through the usage of hints like “Numbers at the title.”

    If you’re a YouTuber who offers solutions through your videos, you then definitely need to use this trick. Videos that have numbers at the identity could have excessive CTR.

    4. The Power of a “Power Word”

    Power words are phrases with robust energy which means that they can cause a mental or emotional reaction from the audience. Their intention is to be persuasive, and their goal is to push humans to take action.

    To be utterly blunt, this phrase or word works to make your title look catchy. So more people are interested in watching your content.

    So let’s take two sentences and try to decode which one is likely to have better CRT :

    - 10 reasons why you should start reading 
    - 10 amazing  reasons why you should start reading 

    So, what do you think? This one word (amazing) has made a very subtle change in the title. But the ripple it creates causes a bigger effect on the viewer.

    You get the idea. Power phrases intent to make a title extra exciting and promising, which as an end result makes it extra clickable as well.

    Apart from awesome, a few extra examples of power phrases include:
    - Awesome
    - Cool
    - Affordable
    - Free
    - Because
    - Convenient 

    5. Putting The Power Word in Uppercase

    Putting only the power phrase in uppercase is certainly an effective method to attract a larger audience. Putting a word in uppercase brings focus on that word and enhances their power. When you apply this strategy to your power word it gives them an extra edge.

    powerword uppercase in youtube title

    Again, it isn’t always a method that you ought to overuse and abuse. If you operate it cautiously and every once in a while, it’s far exceptional to write down YouTube titles that get views.

    However, in case you use it too often, it may lessen the significance of those highlights on your most common audience.

    6. Using a CTA to Get Better Views:

    A powerful CTA is going to up your game in record speed if you can implement it correctly. CTA primarily indicates the phrase “Call to Action”.

    Here is a friendly graph for your reference:

    cta for youtube title

    This phrase urges the viewers to take action. This works wonders if you are working with a solution-based video.

    Want to know more about CTA? Click here.

    7. Length of Your Title Matters!!

    The most simple thing to do is to mind your YouTube title length.

    The reasons are as followed:

    - YouTube has recently set a character limit of 100 
    - If your YouTube video title is too long it can bore your audience
    - If your title is too small it is not alluring enough to lure the viewers 

    What can you do in this situation?

    - Keep the title as short and as catchy as you can
    - Make sure that you don’t over cut it
    - Try to keep the title within 70 characters

    8. Capitalizing Words Can Be Good

    If you use uppercase letters to start every word of your video title is something that seems trivial but is actually of great importance. It helps to make people think that your video is better than your competitors’.

    It also helps to draw more attention to your title.

    9. Start Using Brackets

    The subsequent method to put in writing YouTube titles that get views is to place a number of the phrases in brackets. Yes, it could sound weird, however, this approach works amazing with algorithms. The most important cause is due to the fact brackets are like a content material preview.

    youtube video title best practices

    In fact, in step with an enterprise having a look at performance through Hubspot, brackets in headlines can grow clicks by almost 40%.

    You can simply add one word or more than one word.

    10. Remember to Write The Word “Video”

    Remember to add the word video at the end of the YouTube video title. It is a great youtube video title practice.

    Why do we suggest it? Well you see, our dear reader, it is because some people are bound to search for it in Google.

    If you add the word video in your title it is going to pop up in those searches and grant you some extra views. This will increase traffic.

    11. Never Forget a ” How to “

    If you are making a solution video then a “how to” in your YouTube video title is a must.

    You will notice that most of the time the first thing we type into the search bar is “how to…”. So when you use it in the title the search engine will pick your video to be displayed on the result page.

    Much like this one:

    keyword add in youtube videos

    This will most certainly be a good YouTube video practice.

    12.Hashtag is The Ultimate Thing

    Hashtags are the most game-changing thing you can ever hope to come across in the cyber world.

    The usage of hashtags ensures that viewers can find your YouTube video title with ease. So using appropriate hashtags is going to bring a lot of traffic to your video. 

    If you wanna know more about YouTube’s hashtag policies you can find them right here.

    13. The ” Without ” Trick

    So the basic structure is like this:

    “Do this” part + without + “the hurdle” part

    how to title in youtube video title

    When we create these titles, we promise the viewer to gain something without a regular hurdle for those precise matters they desire to gain. This works as it receives our attention to a technique to solve a problem.

    14. Create The Title Before Video

    We cannot stress this enough but always fix your title before you make the video.  This way you can easily outline the topics and issues you want to focus on in your video.

    This makes stuff easier and more convenient as to how you should approach the workload as a whole. Your contents come out to be much neater.

    15. A good Combo of Title and Thumbnail Photo

    youtube title and thumbnail photo

    The maximum outstanding factors of your Youtube video are the name and the thumbnail. These factors have to work together.

    The video name and thumbnail photo are important elements to the achievement of your YouTube video. These are the primary factors that a viewer sees.

    If the title isn’t right enough, the viewer won’t click on the video.

    The excellent method for writing a YouTube name is to test what type of titles famous YouTubers use.

    Youtubers with extra than 1 million subscribers, generally recognize which titles convert the best. They’ve already examined all variations, and that they already observed the triumphing formula.

    16. Mentioning a Fellow Creator

    mentioning fellow youtube creators

    If you are doing something like accepting another creator’s challenge, showing them solidarity, or simply crediting them for something they have done, you can and you should always mention them in your title.

    Mentioning another creator helps with your reputation. It can also attract more views by engaging subscribers of the mentioned creator. This means the CRT is going to be high.

    If you want to know more about YouTube’s policy regarding this topic, click here.

    17. Follow The Community Guide-line

    youtube video community guidelines

    This applies both to your title and your content. You should always check if the title is suitable with YouTube’s community guidelines.

    If it’s not youTube may not let you publish it. Even if it does let the content to be published it won’t make the top position in the result page.

    To know more here is the community guideline for your convenience.

    18. Do not Use Clickbaits

    Click baits are known to bring more engagement than any other method. But it can permanently harm the trust you have built up with your subscribers.

    avoid clicckbait in youtube video title

    Also, YouTube has pretty strict policies regarding clickbaits. So if they identify your video as clickbait it is not going to be good.

    19. Evaluate Your Titles Using Google Trends

    google trend check

    A first-rate device to assess a selected video title concept is to apply Google Trends. It permits you to view the search extent for particular subjects on one-of-a-kind systems consisting of Google or YouTube.

    Google Trends may not provide you with the precise range of searches however as a substitute normalized effects that will let you see developments in seek extent over a selected time period.

    A regular range of searches during the last 365 days in your goal region. This suggests that you have discovered an evergreen subject matter that humans will usually seek for.

    One of the maximum critical advantages of evergreen content material is that your content material will possibly nonetheless be applicable in a year or two.

    Or, a pointy spike in searches withinside the maximum current time period.

    This suggests a trending subject matter and permits you to piggyback on its popularity.

    20. Compare and Reuse

    If a video does nicely, it’s miles in part due to an excessive click-through rate. It is probably an illustration that a title (and thumbnail) labored nicely in the past for your target market. In different words, a goldmine to base new titles (however additionally video ideas) on.

    In YouTube Analytics you may locate CTR (Click Through Rates) and overall performance data.

    The CTR percent is a little misleading, due to the fact you should take into account the number of impressions too. More impressions have normally a decrease CTR due to the fact the audience is greater and much less targeted.

    YouTube Video Title Ideas

    Coming up with a unique idea for your youtube video is nothing short of herculean labor. It is a massive task that requires many thoughtful days to furnish. This single factor is responsible for all the future traffic your video is going to get.

    So we understand if you feel a bit frustrated when you can’t instantly come up with something. Because this is very common. This is why we have come up with creative tips for you.

    - Pick your keywords
    - Start with a draft
    - Produce a final draft
    - Edit the final draft to perfection
    - Check the title using different tools 

    Now we have some tools to help you figure out your perfect youtube video title. Here are some of the sites we found to help you:

    1. Keyword Tool
    2. TunePocket
    3. Social Video Plaza
    4. We Share
    5. Capitalize My Title

    All these websites help you to generate various titles depending on what keyword you enter. This way you can look up all the available titles you can use for your video.

    You can also see which ones are getting more and more clicks than others.

    How  to Edit YouTube Video Title

    Now after you have uploaded your video you can always come back to it and edit its title and description.

    You can do this just to get more views or just because you had a change of heart. Here is a short and to-the-point instruction for you:

    - Open your video manager.
    - After you see your video list you need to tap the video.
    - This will result in an Edit button. Tap that and you are good to go.

    YouTube Video Title Best Practices

    Youtube video titles can have multiple best practices. These make sure that your youtube video title game is top-notch.

    So the pressure is on! In case we will advise to keep our tips on the forefront of your mind. These work as the best practices when you are trying to make a good YouTube video title.

    Youtube Title Length

    It is best to keep your youtube video titles at a moderate length. Not too long as they tend to bore the viewer away. So it’s best to check your title with a length-checker.

    Youtube Video Title Character Limit

    Youtube has a limit of 100 characters for the video titles. Though it is preferable to keep the title within 70 characters including space.


    In sum, the excellent Youtubers recognize that your video title and thumbnail are your hooks. It is how you could stand out and get humans to look at your video. Spending the time to draft numerous special titles is well worth doing.